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Who We Are:

Beeutiful beeswax food wraps is an artisan business with a focus on sustainability and an eco-friendly life. We are a business based on a firm establishment of value, morals, and care. It feels good, smells good and promotes a good relationship with food. We have a hygienic concentration in our production process to make our output a healthy one, thereby giving you the best of service. Our beeswax wrap is perfect for storing your food and keeps it fresh. Our beeswax wrap is natural and has a stunning quality.
Reusable Food Wrap

Our Mission

How can we dispose of plastics in our kitchen for a more advantageous, more reasonable approach to store what we eat? In the wake of taking a close look at our food consumption and waste propensities, alongside the way we utilized plastic and cling wrap we offer a superior method for wrapping our food. We needed to make an item that would empower individuals to decrease their waste, limit harmful plastics and generally speaking, help to secure the health of individuals without any form of chemical toxic. One of our aims is to eradicate the use of plastic wraps and highlight a healthy Beeswax wrap. Beeswax wraps are used in sealing and securing food items in containers to keep fresh. It helps to protect food when in the freezer. That will help protect the food from freezer burn. Beeswax wraps are thin and adaptable, simple to seal, clean and are dependable. Our organization's idea of effectively changing propensities to help a sustainable, safe condition, our desire is that our young ones grow up with the idea that we are part of an environment. Beeswax wraps are environment-friendly, can be used in place of plastic wrap and it just WORKS!
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Why Buy from Us

We manufacture the best Beeswax wrap that is naturally made from 100% cotton, pure Australian beeswax, natural tree resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. These ingredients mixed together will create a supple food wrap that can be used over and over, making your food fresh, healthy and attractive, with a major body and health benefits. Browse our site and check the wrap that suits your style, it's so natural and you can make use of Beeswax wraps throughout a year and regularly longer before you'll have to change it. Our belief is straight, clean, and waste free items, it is possible to accomplish zero waste, so it's our pleasure to have the capacity to be a contributor of waste removal journey and eradication of plastic wrap.
Beeswax Wrap Eco Food Wrap


Our Beeswax wraps is a long lasting product because it is gotten from honey bees which are very important species. The natural food gotten from bee can be positively put into use when taken care of. Our Beeswax wrap is very natural because it is gotten from a natural source. We have a zero tolerance for waste, we make use of every excessive product and recycle it for a new product used for consumption and this cycle keeps our organization going.