With everything going on with Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the moment, life has changed in a big way. The unprecedented rise in stockpiling (or hoarding, as many are doing) has meant that even the most basic groceries are getting next to impossible to find.

Simple things we took for granted, like toilet paper and paper towels, are selling out faster than shelves can be restocked. That’s why now is the perfect time to look at alternatives for these products.

A great option for replacing paper towel is the reusable and eco-friendly Swedish Dishcloth. Here’s why these cloths should be on your list.

They’re environmentally friendly
As you no doubt know, here at Beeutiful we’re all about reducing our household waste, and helping others do the same.

The average family here in Australia could fill a three bedroom house every year with the amount of waste they produce. We’re one of the world’s top producers of waste per person, and that’s so awful for our planet.

Swedish Dishcloths replace paper towels and other similar products, and are made from eco-friendly cotton and cellulose. The gorgeous prints are made from water-based coloured ink as well.

They’re also 100% biodegradable, so you can just put them in your compost when they’re worn out!

They’re reusable
Each Swedish Dishcloth can last for 6 months, or longer depending on how frequently you use them.

Imagine replacing all your disposable paper cleaning products with these handy reusable cloths. You’ll save so much money, while looking after the environment at the same time.

They’re incredibly versatile
These dishcloths are amazing for their size. At 17cm x 19cm, these cloths are light and durable, and can absorb 15 times their own weight.

Their absorbency and durability makes them ideal for use anywhere in your home, not just for wiping up spills in the kitchen. From cleaning windows to polishing silver, the Swedish Dishcloth has many useful applications.

They’re easy to take care of
It’s so easy to look after your Swedish Dishcloth. You can clean and disinfect your cloth in your washing machine, microwave, or the top rack of your dishwasher.

Never worry about running out of paper towels again!
Shortages of paper products are no problem when you’ve got your stash of Swedish Dishcloths. Lower your household’s waste production and save money on paper towels and other cleaning cloths.

Beeutiful stocks two designs of Swedish Dishcloth, in packs of one or two. Get your Swedish Dishcloths here.

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