Our Beeutiful beeswax wraps lasts an average of 12 months depending on your usage. With some
tender love and care, they last a lot longer. We are here to tell you how to take care of your wrap
properly to keep it beautiful.

Clean 101:

DO use cold water and mild detergent to clean the wraps.
Clean the wrap like how you will clean a dish. In cold water, the beeswax coating stays stiff
and provides a great cleaning surface for a sponge to work on. If the beeswax wrap is heavily
soiled, soak it in cold water with mild detergent for a short period of time. Don’t leave it
soaked for a long time.

DO hand wash them.
Dishwashers are not recommended as wraps can get damaged during the cleaning process.
Just a quick wash and drip dry is enough to clean Beeutiful wraps.

DON’T use hot water!
Hot water will melt the beeswax on the wrap which will ruin the wrap so just use cold/warm
tap water and normal mild dishwashing liquid to clean the wraps.

DON’T dry wraps with a hair dryer or any forms of heat!
Heat is the enemy for all sort of wax and its products. We can all be in a rush sometimes and
the solution for it, should not have to come at a cost of a Beeutiful wrap. What you can do
when you are in a rush is to get a dry towel and wipe the wrap down for a quick dry.

DON’T wring!!
Beeswax wrap is essentially thin cotton wraps treated with beeswax so please don’t wring
it to dry as it will crumble and tear in no time. Just let it drip dry on the rack or use a dry
towel to dry it if needed immediately.

Care 101:

DO keep the beeswax wraps away from all forms of heat.
The wraps are happy to be stored in drawers or kitchen counter or cabinets. However, any
place near a microwave oven or stove is not recommended to store your Beeutiful wraps as it may affect the wax. Please keep it in a dry place with no direct sunlight exposure as
prolonged exposure to sunlight may affect the wrap’s lifespan.

In warmer weather, the wraps may be a little sticky but don’t panic. The wraps are fine.
There are lots of other creative ways to store your wraps. Some roll the wraps up and store
them in mason jars so that it could stay cool even in hot weather.

DON’T use the wraps to cover hot bowls or hot food.
Heat from the bowl and the hot food will deteriorate your wraps and the lifespan will be
shortened if the wrap is consistently used to wrap extremely hot food.

Revival 101: How to make your old wraps Beeutiful again?
If your Beeutiful Beeswax wraps have been used for a while and have started to look not as beautiful as it
used to, you can easily use our DIY Beeswax Wraps Kit to make it Beeutiful again. It comes
with a comprehensive instruction sheet, so you don’t have to worry. Just click here to check
it out. This is all for now and stays Beeutiful!

Link: https://beeutiful.com.au/product/beeswax-wraps-diy-kit/

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