What single-use plastics are doing to our oceans and why our products are a great solution.

It’s no longer news that plastic isn’t doing much good for our environment. It breaks down into tiny little pieces called ‘micro-plastics’ and is very harmful to our oceans.


Recently an island of plastic, larger than 1,6 million square kilometres, was found floating in the Pacific Ocean, together with one of equal size in the Atlantic. These garbage islands have accumulated themselves based on rubbish coming from us on land, the currents around different continents pushing and pulling it towards one places and us as humans with no ability to clean the oceans because of the plastics breaking down into such small pieces.

Numerous amounts of animals are now found each day with more plastic in their stomachs than food, usually also relating to cause of death. Whales, seagulls, turtles, etc.

Unfortunately, the plastic is not only affecting the oceans anymore. It is affecting us land goers as well. Plastic is now creeping its way into the food we eat, the things with drink and the water we wash ourselves ‘clean’ with. If you are a seafood eater, the fish you are eating has been eating plastic, since there is now so much micro-plastic in the ocean, they can hardly avoid it.

It has been declared that at the rate we are going today, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

There are a few things we can do to slow this process or turn things around all together. It starts with every individual doing their part. Single-use plastics, straws, bottles, cutlery, cling wrap, can all be replaced with reusable, environmentally friendly options.

Our Honeybee Wrap replace cling wrap and single-use plastic containers. Wash them off and you’re good to go. Our stainless-steel straws and Bamboo Cutlery Set are perfectly sized so you can take them anywhere and our Organic Cotton Zero Waste Shopping Set makes a huge difference when it comes to cancelling out those nasty plastic bags.

So, if you’re like us and care a lot about what the future will look like for the next generations, look around. You might even find a gift for a friend.

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