2 Layers Adult Reusable Cotton Face Masks – Dark Navy Blue Polka Dots


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Reusable, washable and breathable cotton face mask. Two layers of cotton print fabric. This facemask is used to keep fingers, objects, pet hair and fabric out of your nose and mouth.

Care instructions
– Machine wash on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold.
– Hang dry
– Do not bleach and tumble dry

Ship from Sydney, Australia.

Please note: this mask is not a medical device. It is not a guarantee of preventing any diseases.

Wearing the face mask does not guarantee protection from the recent coronavirus. However, it will filter some particles and dust that can potentially contain viruses. The mask will also prevent you from touching the face when outside, which will lower the health risks considerably. We do not claim that our masks can save you from getting a virus. They do provide a basic physical barrier that can be considered as minimal protection. They do help limit spreading.

The World Health Organisation recommends the use of face masks to aid in the protection against viral transmissions. Their use should be part of the standard response to being around possible or confirmed infected people, along with handwashing and social distancing.