Kraft Paper Durable Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag

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Product feature: insulation and cooling. The product has the function of keeping warm and keeping cold. It can keep the food fresh and save heat, and it is also good for the preservation of fresh food.

Product use: used as a lunch bag for school and work, supermarket shopping preservation bag, picnic bag, milk storage bag and so on.

Dupont paper, also known as kraft paper, has the following characteristics:

1. DuPont paper is a completely environmentally friendly digested material. After it is completely burned, only water vapour and carbon dioxide are left, without affecting the environment.
2. It can be folded for easy carrying thanks to the very lightweight. It is waterproof, washable and breathable. It features high strength and tears resistance. It can withstand light to keep food fresh.
3. It is made of completely environmentally friendly DuPont paper. It features an insulated PE foam compartment, as well as environmental protection insulated high-quality 3mm PE foam liner covered with an aluminium film.

Material: DuPont Paper + 3mm PE foam, Aluminium Film
Size: about length 20cm*width 11cm*25cm/6L