The Australian Soap Company – Dish & Laundry Soap (200g)


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Wash your dishes, laundry and surfaces with one product that involves zero plastic bottles or palm oil!

The ANSC’s Dish & Laundry Soap combines 100% biodegradable and plant based ingredients, allowing you to wash your dishes, laundry and surfaces all in one. This 3 in 1 is gentle on sensitive skin & won’t dry out or irritate.

Their minty & lemongrass scent will make your laundry and dishes smell fresh and clean whilst avoiding plastic bottles or palm oil in the process! *high five*

Tip: great for travelling or camping to save clutter by taking 1 product instead of 3!

How to use:

1. Laundry

Front Loader & Top Loader:

Grate 1 teaspoon amount directly into the load or into the compartment where you would normally place your detergent
Can be used on hot & cold settings
Hand wash:

Grate a teaspoon amount directly into to the tub
Swirl around until soap dissolves
Place clothing in and let soak
Can be used in hot & cold water
Can also be applied directly to clothes
2. Kitchen


Just rub your brush on the dish wash block or grate approximately 1 teaspoon to hot water
Stir water to dissolve the soap & create bubbles
Wash dishes the way you would with a standard detergent
Can also be applied directly to dishes
3. Thick Cleaning Gel

Add a 50/50 ratio of boiling water to grated soap in a container.
Let it sit for an hour or until flakes dissolve
Use this thick paste to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
Use the same as a usual household cleaner.