Swedish Dishcloth

Dump the Sponge and Warmly Embrace a Swedish Dishcloth!

The most durable and hygienic tool for taking care of dishes in the kitchen is the Swedish dishcloth. The Swedish dish clothes are mostly sorted for in Sweden because of its high value and importance as a part of the kitchen tools. Swedish dishcloth is good to replace sponge as it washes cleaner.

Advantages or Reasons to give Swedish Dishcloth a Trial

Swedish Dishcloth is easy to use and a great substitute to the regular kitchen sponge. There are many reasons why Swedish dishcloths are voted more useful than any other sponge available.

Swedish Dishcloths are for Multipurpose Use

This dish cloth can be used for many purposes ranging from the washing of dishes, cleaning of kitchen surfaces, and for cleaning up spills. A dish cloth can function more than a sponge would and is preferred over a paper towel.


They are very attractive

Unlike the regular sponges that are just plain and without design and the worst of all is that almost every designed paper towel ends up in a trash can. The case is different with a Swedish dishcloth; they are uniquely designed with an attractive Scandinavian fashion made with water-based inks.


They last long and are affordable

Swedish dishcloths last longer than the common sponges. Another lovely thing is that it can be easily washed and can get dry easily. No need to panic about the price because it can be bought at a very affordable price. When this dishcloth is properly taken care of, it can last for Swedish as long as 9 – 12 months. Even when the dishcloth is no longer useful after a long-term usage one can compost it

Swedish dishcloth can replace 15 paper towels. So an average Paper Towel cost $2 per roll, multiply by 15 rolls equals $30, this is far more expensive compared to a Swedish dishcloth.


These are excellently spongy dishcloth from Sweden. No doubt it is a real wonder in the kitchen. With a Swedish dishcloth, one will never want to switch over to the common sponge or the usual dishcloth. This sponge keeps kitchen surfaces practically free from stains. The dishcloths are very supple when wet and it dries just like a magic. It is a natural product and this means that one can compost them; it is made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. One of the major advantages is that they are more hygienic than the normal sponge and can be easily dried. Another wonder about this dishcloth is that it can absorb up to 15 times of their weight when inside water.

If you are used to the normal or regular sponge you will notice that it gets horrible just as soon as one starts using it. It gives an offensive odor because it takes time to get dried easily. Funny enough, the more the sponge gets washed, the more it wears off. After it breaks down, it is thrown into the bin and a new sponge is picked to begin a new nasty cycle again. All these can’t be experienced when using the Swedish dishcloth.
Swedish dishcloth is a very good Scandinavian gift. It can be presented as a gift to a family. It is very lovely and every family would want to have it handy in the kitchen. Its colorful design would make it an ideal tool in the kitchen.
Swedish dishcloth can be gotten at a very affordable price. Unlike other kinds of dishcloths or sponge, this can be gotten for as low as $6.95. Better still, if you want to buy in bulk or larger quantity you can get 2 packs for $12.60. You can decide to use the two or share with friends.