It’s beautiful, it’s simple, and it’s a guaranteed afternoon of fun with your family and friends! Our Beeswax Wraps DIY Kit is a perfect choice for your own use, for gifting to a friend, for using as a bonding activity with your loved ones or simply because you want to take a step to help the environment!

Easy To Use
Our DIY kit contains all the materials and ingredients, includes step by step instructions for your convenience, and on top of that, has all the elements already prepped and ready for your use. There is no need to sit and try to grate the ingredients without cutting your fingers, or making a list of all small items you might need and then buying them from all over the city! We don’t want you to spend an afternoon figuring out how to make your own beeswax wraps, we have done all the preparations. You just need to open the kit and enjoy!

It’s For Everyone
Kids and teenagers today are taught to be more aware of the environment and take conscious actions to make a difference in the world. Keeping in mind the need to eliminate plastic from our daily consumption, the need to spread awareness about alternate options, and with that the fact that not everyone knows the right direction to do so, we have carefully designed these DIY kits so people of all ages, whether its kids, their parents, or grandparents, everyone can easily understand and make their own wraps. Please supervise your kids while they do it as the wraps can be very hot when you remove them from the oven. Your kids might not enjoy setting up the dinner table or helping you prep the vegetables, but we can assure you that you open the DIY Kit and you’ll find all your family around, trying to get a peek of this exciting package!

Different Sizes
We realize and respect that every individual and his needs are different. Therefore, we offer the kit in five different sizes- with the smallest one giving you one large wrap and the biggest one making for you up to 25 small wraps, depending on the size of the wraps.
Christmas season is round the corner, so if you want to prep ahead and make a huge stash of wraps for later use, you know where to look! To get the best value for your money, time and efforts, order the Beeswax Wraps DIY Kit from our website today!